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Astro Vibe 5.5cm/16.7g

Astro Vibe 5.5cm/16.7g

Code: PJG-005B

Spalva: 022PEA
Spalva: 076E
Spalva: 097OBEA
Spalva: 613E
Spalva: 626E
Spalva: 630E
Spalva: 964E
Spalva: A195E
Spalva: A45E
Spalva: C506F
Spalva: SE01E
Spalva: X10E


The Astro Vibe is a newly designed vibration lure, combining the best of both worlds - metal vibe and rattle vibe. The Astro Vibe incorporates a polycarbonate belly with in-built rattle into the most successful metal Cyber Vibe. This irresistible combination is perfectly balanced and gives a maximum fish attraction over standard metal vibe lure.